Anger Management Group Classes

Maryland Anger Management Classes

Accepted by Most Courts in the Metropolitan D.C. Area

Since 2002 Maryland Anger Management Classes have met the needs of hundreds of people needing to meet a court order, at the request of their employer or for personal growth.

Why Take This Course?

There are a number of anger management classes in the area, so why should you take mine?

  • I’ve been teaching anger management for close to 20 years now which means that I know what works and what doesn’t.
  • One thing I’ve learned over the years is the best way to learn is when your relaxed and having fun. Since sitting in an anger management class is not exactly everyone’s idea of a good time, I’ve strived to develop a program that will teach you cutting edge techniques in an engaging and fun way.
  • I once had an anger problem myself and understand what it feels like to be in your shoes.
  • Maryland Anger Management’s classes are scheduled at convenient times to meet your schedule. They are offered in two formats: in two hour classes that are offered over four weeks or in one 8 hour session.
  • For those of you who are court ordered this course has been accepted by courts in Montgomery, Prince Georges, Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Frederick Fairfax, Alexandria, Louden, Prince William, and Arlington Counties as well as the District of Columbia.


What You’ll Learn:

This is Your Brain; This is Your Brain on Anger: This part of the course teaches you that anger is a protective response to a perceived hurt or threat which is left over from our days of living in the wild. You’ll also learn how to use anger as a warning sign rather than something that simply causes you to react.

Understanding Aggressive Communication Patterns/What’s Your Anger Personality? Most of us have a characteristic way of acting when we get mad. You will learn what yours is, what’s behind it and what you can do differently.

Calming the Emotional Brain will teach you how to relax before your anger reaches the red zone and what to do if it does.

Retraining the Emotional Brain will show you how to stop those reflexive 0 – 60 anger responses. You’ll learn to control your anger instead of feeling like it is taking you on an uncontrollable ride.

Trigger Busters
– You will learn what you triggers are, why they are triggers in the first place and a very simple method to stop them from ever having any impact on you again.

Stinking Thinking: How our Thoughts can Add Fuel to the Fire and How to Deal with it Differently: People with anger problems typically have two or three mental shortcuts they use that cause them to misperceive situations in a way that leads to them becoming angry. In this lesson you will find out what your mental shortcuts are and I will show you different ways of thinking about situations that will leave you in control and empowered.

Secrets of Effective Communication: Communication is an art form. In this lesson you’ll learn about the three types of communication and why listening is the best way to get others to hear you.

How to Criticize Others: Criticism is the number one reason most arguments start. This lesson shows you how to offer criticism in a way that people will not only listen and respond to, but end up liking you even more than they do now.

How to Respond to Criticism: Whether deserved or not, criticism is something that most people have a hard time dealing with. This portion of the course will teach you specific strategies on how to respond to criticism in a way that leaves you feeling calm, heard and in control.

How to deal with difficult people: There are people in all of our lives who, no matter how we try, we just don’t like. It might be something that you just can’t put your finger on or it might be something about their personality, perhaps they are manipulative, untrustworthy or passive aggressive. This portion of the course will identify 5 specific personality types and show you ways to deal with them in an effective manner.

Forgiveness is not a Four Letter Word: How do you move beyond old wounds that keep piling up? This portion of the course will show you how.



The course is offered in my Bethesda office at 4400 East West Highway, Suite 712.



The cost of the 8 hour course, which includes text and work books, is $325. The course is oftentimes insurance reimbursable. The fee is due before the start of the first class and may be in the form of cash, master card or visa.


Class Schedule:

New classes start monthly. The next class is scheduled for:

August 14, 21, 28 and September 4.


To Enroll:

Please contact me at 301-657-1144 or via e-mail at




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